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System Professionals

Date Published: February 2017
Category: Consumer Products, Information and Training Website



System Professional is the only brand with experience in ultra-personalization. By using our EnergyCode™ Complex, designed to protect keratin and re-establish natural lipid balance, and EnergyCode™ Mapping – a hair care consultant can prescribe an ultra personalized, coded care system unlike any other in the world. System Professional is the future of beauty.


See Something / Say Something

Date Published: November 2016
Category: Public Service, mobile app
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A localized version of the nationwide “If You See Something, Say Something™” anti-terrorism public awareness campaign, was launched in Orange County in July 2013. The campaign is focused on delivering the message to local citizens that an alert public plays a critical role in keeping our communities safe. smartphone app.


San Fernando City

Date Published: June 2016
Category: Public Service, Information Website



The City of San Fernando is a community of attractive contrasts. What was once a land of farms and ranches adjoining the Mission de San Fernando Rey is now a vibrant center of manufacturing and commerce. San Fernando enjoys a sweeping view of the panoramic San Gabriel foothills and a sense of privacy; yet it is only minutes from downtown Los Angeles and only minutes away from other centers of commercial activity, thanks to a network of freeways and nearby airports. The City combines modern metropolitan conveniences with a close-knit community of friendly, civic-minded residents. Moreover, San Fernando proudly offers responsive city services, good access to city government, a large labor pool, a lower business tax than Los Angeles, and no utility tax.


Clean Air Action Plan

Date Published: April 2016
Category: Public Service, Information Website



Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP), a sweeping plan aimed at significantly reducing the health risks posed by air pollution from port-related ships, trains, trucks, terminal equipment and harbor craft. The CAAP was developed with the cooperation and participation of the South Coast Air Quality Management District, California Air Resources Board and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The CAAP was a landmark air quality plan that established the most comprehensive, far-reaching strategy for reducing port-related air pollution and related health risks, while allowing port development, job creation and economic activity associated with that development to continue.



Date Published: November 2015
Category: Ecommerce, Outdoor Sports
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Centralize the essentials Ribz unique front pack. It will save time packing for every trip and eliminate constant retrieval from your backpack. Having your primary backpacking gear pre-packed within your RIBZ will keep you ready at a moments notice. A quick day hike, extended overnight, or if trouble hits the fan. You’ve got your most critical gear ready for anything.


Aghai Insurance Services

Date Published: October 2015
Category: Insurance



Since 2001, Aghai Insurance Services has provided clients with exceptional customer service, loss control solutions, and the best insurance products available from top rated carriers.

The valued relationships we have built with our carriers and underwriters allow us to confidently approach each customer’s unique situation with the solutions they are looking for. In today’s marketplace, we know that clients want options. We provide those options, accompanied by our expert advice to ensure that each client feels confident about their insurance choices.

Aghai Insurance Services, Inc. is a true independent insurance broker, dedicated to the client first.

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